• Curated knowledge that is instantly useful. The Digital Marketing Handbook helps readers sail through ever-growing sea of information that will ultimately help them win at the digital marketing game.
  • Interesting examples to explain the concepts
  • Covers all components of digital marketing like social, email, mobile, search and other emerging technologies.
  • Multicoloured book to make sure that readers see the examples in colours, similar to how they see them on their screens.
  • All chapters are independent knowledge units. Readers can read any chapter, depending on their need and interest and still not miss out on anything.
  • A deep dive on every topic covered, starting with evolution and usage basics and going to use cases and implementation.

About the book

The digital marketing handbook is a step by step guide for the modern day marketers and soon to be marketers.

The idea of the book originated from the questions like, Digital Marketing is exciting; will it work for my business? Can I manage it on my own? Will it make my brand more visible? And the idea further became a mission with more questions like, I guess facebook is not happening. Twitter is jusy 148 words…huh! What should I do?Oh! It is lot of time & no results.You think I should hire an agency – how will I assess the work they do? If you start learning Digital Marketing online, the web is full of tutors & tutorials. The webinars, the ebooks, the blogs – make it all the more complicated.
And that is where, we thought of creating ‘The Digital Marketing Handbook’. This handbook... Is a simple guide that offers a clear path right to the digital world, It is exhaustive in providing in-depth answers in the simplest way possible way, Is a colorful refresher with lot of pictorial representations to help you apply what you learn with ease, Covers each & every chapter in totality of the subject and can be read as a single unit, And more importantly, this handbook covers the AtoZ of Digital Marketing - from websites to content marketing, the detail marketing practice through social channels, the social tools & analytics, blogging & inbound marketing and also a brief foray into the future of Digital Marketing.

Why you should read it

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Who’s this book for?

    A. Digital Marketing professionals and enthusiasts, obviously, but more specifically, people who work in marketing, sales and brand - and also those working for digital marketing agencies, in digital marketing roles and those looking to use digital marketing for the growth of their business.

  • Q. Can this book be used by business schools and their students?

    A. Several large business school across India use this book as part of their curriculum. So yes. For bulk queries - please get in touch.

  • Q. What if I’m just starting out?

    A.This book is written for folks who have some intro to digital marketing, but will work for beginners as well. In fact, starting fresh might work in your favour, because you haven’t had time to establish bad habits.

  • Q. Which package should I buy?

    A. That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the strategy session is the best, but the book by itself is 400+ pages of tactics and ideas that will completely change your understanding of how digital marketing works.

  • Q. Where can I learn more about the author?

    A. Check out several hundred posts on covering entrepreneurship, marketing, blogging and business building.

  • Q. What is The Digital Marketing Lab?

    A. The Digital Marketing Lab is a community for those who are serious about digital marketing and want to make a career in this field. All members of the digital marketing lab - receive fortnightly updates about new in the field of social media and digital marketing and also get a job feed with select new jobs in the field of digital marketing. The Digital Marketing Lab is priced at INR 999 per month. All those who buy The Digital Marketing Handbook get a complimentary 1-year access to the Lab.

  • Q. Where can I access The Digital Marketing Lab?

    A. You can access it by going to

  • Q. What other resources are available other than The Digital Marketing Lab and The Digital Marketing Handbook?

    A. You can join 7 free email lessons on digital marketing here (here linked to

  • Q. I want to join a course on digital marketing. Do you offer one?

    A. Yes. You can learn more about our digital marketing courses here (link here to

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